Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Diamonds Are Forever

Day 4: Bruges – Antwerp
Time: 5:21:37
Distance: 104.28 km
Average Speed: 19.4 km/h

We finally got a map of Belgium and Holland to stop us getting lost on the rest of the trip just before we left Bruges. Getting out of the city was pretty straightforward but after about an hour the investment in the map was beginning to pay off. Most of the motorway from Bruges to Antwerp has a service road for farmers  alongside it which doubles as a cycle path. This made our directions easy today but the strong headwind never left us alone for over 5 hours. Our foodstops today were a supermarket for pastries and fruit and a truck in one of the villages that we passed which sold really good cooked chicken. As soon as we arrived in Antwerp we could see that there was no bridge to cross the river into the city centre. We got directions that we needed to take a lift underground and then cycle through a tunnel to get under the river and into the city centre. Antwerp is a lot bigger than we expected and seems to have less tourists than the last 3 cities we've been to.


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