Saturday, October 5, 2013


Day 7: Utrecht – Amsterdam
Time: 2:27:26
Distance: 50.33 km
Average Speed: 20.4 km/h

Our last day of cycling could be described as going very smoothly. We went along a canal path almost all the way to Amsterdam with signposts everywhere. I went up the steep narrow stairs to check into the hostel and Leeroy was checking in as I arrived. The hostel owners were insisting we leave our bikes on the street but I argued that we take them in. After a bit of a standoff they agreed to leave them in the back garden of the hostel. We got the feed in a Mexican restaurant then went on a bit of a pub crawl. We were searching for a place with 30 Dutch beers on tap called 't Arendsnest and stopped off for 8% Belgian beers on the way. In 't Arendsnest the barman gave great advice on what to drink and we received a history lesson from a very intelligent Dutchman. After a little bit of wandering we entered a similar style bar where we met American beer experts who had been in 't Arendsnest too. They told us we had managed to find the 2 best beer bars in Amsterdam. We walked through an area where women stand in the windows and turn red lights on then went to a place called Surprise bar. I got a sneaky kebab in around the corner and when I got back the lads were on the Jaegerbombs. Afterwards we went to a messy place that was doing 2 for ones. On the way home we were chatting to a giant man in a white vest. Policemen and horses came out of nowhere and wrestled him to the ground. Drama.


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  1. Giant men in white vest tend to be tackled...just because.