Friday, October 4, 2013


Day 6: Breda – Utrecht
Time: 3:49:12
Distance: 79.70 km
Average Speed: 20.8 km/h

Starting at the Google maps search pin A getting out of Breda wasn't too difficult. There were cycle paths all the way to Gorinchem and from there the signs to Utrecht started to appear. The cycle paths went along canals a lot of the time making for a nice easy day in the saddle. We went for coffee as soon as we got into Utrecht before meeting my friend Fiona who has been living in Utrecht for the last few years. There are only 3 people living in her place but there were at least 5 bikes. The idea the rest of the world has about Dutch people cycling everywhere is definitely true. It's common to see big groups of friends cycling together on the streets. Walking on the street you need to be alert all the time or risk getting smashed by a cyclist. She took us to a great Belgian bar that used to be a church where we met a famous cat at the entrance. Most of the pubs here have cats to keep the mice away. We have great directions for tomorrow and will go most of the way along a canal into Amsterdam to meet Leeroy.


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