Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Student Parties

Day 5: Antwerp – Breda
Time: 2:52:30
Distance: 56.78 km
Average Speed: 19.7 km/h

We met the Viking fraternity in a bar in Antwerp last night. They brought us to their house for a while and then a club so we were in bad shape leaving town today. Getting out of the city was easier than getting into it yesterday and once we got onto the N1 we had a cycle path all the way to Breda. There were no issues getting over the border. There weren't any "Welcome to the Netherlands" signs so it wasn't too clear that we had actually crossed it. We found the hostel easily and went for naps straight away to recover from last night a bit. Tonight we have to decide to Heineken or not to Heineken.

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