Monday, September 30, 2013


Day 3: Gent – Bruges
Time: 3:47:30
Distance: 76.28 km
Average Speed: 20.1 km/h

After breakfast in the hostel we were told that we could cycle alongside the canal all the way to Bruges. We found the canal pretty quickly and celebrated the sign that said "Brugge 40km". We had lunch in Deinze and asked a local who was splitting timber outside his house for directions to Bruges. He said we were after taking a wrong turn and showed us where we were on the map. We still don't know where we took the wrong turn but we ended up slightly south of Gent. We managed to get back onto the canal track in about an hour and easily made it to Bruges. We've been really lucky with the weather so far and it was really nice just cruising along on the flat canal path in the sun. After a quick nap in the hostel we went for pasta. The bars of Bruges will be hit tonight.


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