Sunday, September 29, 2013


Day 2: Brussels – Gent
Time: 3:15:34
Distance: 76.95 km
Average Speed: 20.8 km/h

Tomorrow turned out to be rough. We woke up at about 9 and got straight down to the free breakfast. Getting out of Brussels was pretty tough and we took a lot of wrong turns. Again we got the laughing and gasps of disbelief from the Belgians when we asked for directions but eventually one of them set us on the right path. Most of the journey from Brussels to Gent is dead straight but the road includes some rolling hills which saps the energy from the legs. We stopped in Aalst for a beer and at that point had 25km to go to Gent. As soon as we got to Gent we went to a bar to watch the World Cycling Championships. Gent is a beautiful city.


  1. Delerium Tremens is a hell of a beer. Looks like a hell of a lot of fun. Enjoy the trip gents.

  2. It's some beer. you can get it by the litre in the Delerium bar if you want to get messy. great selection of other beers there too.